Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thing 23 Wrapping up

This is your last required blog post, so make it a good one. What was your favorite thing you learned about? Conversely, what did you like least about Web 2.0? What areas of Web 2.0 do you think the library should get more involved in? What Web 2.0 services have you shared with your friends and family?

Sounds ominous... last required blog post...where to start? My favorite thing I learned from this challenge was the challenge itself. Since I am a member of this committee and have helped guide and shape the challenge itself, it's really hard to choose a favorite. I have enjoyed teaming up and editting the things. I enjoyed bonding and team building with staff members who needed guidance along the way. Tagging, RSS, and the other terms are now being overheard a lot more here in the library. I like that I helped make that happen. Think of the possibilities and the overall professional development that has occurred. Friendships and skill sets were broadened... That says a lot for 23 things.

I loved seeing some people blossom with certain tasks. I felt empathy for others as I could see the frustation with some of the technical tasks. I encountered some of the same frustation... I most likely will never be a fan of some of the current versions of these web applications, but I will continue to try to keep up with new technologies and tasks.

I have shared some of my new found techie knowledge with customers and my family. That's neat, like the old Fabrege shampoo commercials you tell two friends and so on and so on. It takes on a life of its own. Long live web 2.0, web 3.0 and even the future 4.0!

Thing 22 ListenNJ

Multitasking sounds like a great idea. It doesn't always work though.... So, here is a confession.....I posted about NetLibrary and then afterward realized that I should be in ListenNJ. So my Netlibrary post has been erased and now I'm back in business. I downloaded Co-Leaders The Powers of Great Partnerships by David Henson and Warren Bennis. The narrator was Jeff Riggenbach. I was searching in business for information on transformational leadership. Not a lot on the topic, that was actaully able to be checked out. I could be waitlisted on several titles.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thing 21 Finding and Listening to podcasts

I signed up for odeo. A brief search didn't yield anything I'd want to listen to... maybe I have to be more in a travelling mindset. Something to listen to for a long car ride to NC. I also sent an invitation to have someone else join the service. They are really into listening to audio.

I also signed up for

I have an mp3 player and not an Ipod. I have set up an itunes account on my laptop. I understand and frequently use it. I wonder if most people know that you can use Itunes successfully without an IPOD. It works for me.

Thing 20 Youtube

Of course, I had to choose this video. Watch and see why.

thing 19 awards

Well, who doesn't love awards and choosing winners. There are so many tools here to explore. First, let's dive into a couple that I am familiar with. Zillow is a great site since I just ventured into the housing market. Tracking my investment with pictures and finances. Another great site is Meebo. How neat is it to be able to connect to others on AOL even if you aren't on your home computer. Now, that's convenient. Travel sites like kayak and farecast are almost a daily habit.

Ok, exploring something new, I looked at Ning. Looks interesting. Can't wait to play with it. I have created an Ocean County Library account on Ning

Thing 18 web apps

My name has been added to the Google docs document. I love google docs and have been using it for more than a year. I have used both Docs and Spreadsheets to keep track of events like Women's History Month guest lists and other documents where I needed to access information in many places. How convenient!

I love being abole to collaborate and can't wait to experiment with ZOHO. Sounds even better than Google. Since I am on the OCL Web challenge committee we are actively using these tools to track progress.